What is it?

This is an e-mail to SMS formatter and SMS sender.

Of course, only if you have an SMS gate, that forward the message into an SMS.

Mailinsms can NOT send SMS directly! It is your mobile servicer's task. The SMS gateways can send SMSes. You can send e-mails to these gateways and they sends a specified part of this e-mail in SMS.
This version only supports the mobile servicer T-Mobile (Hungary). If you would like to take experiences with non-(or not yet)supported services, you have freedom with the //EMAIL:SENDER//, //EMAIL:SUBJECT// and the //EMAIL:BODY// internal SMS sender scripts. If you would like a support for the new SMS gate, please contact me!
For further informations on the //EMAIL:WESTEL// script, read the WESTEL text file (Hungarian).
Note: Westel has changed its name to T-Mobile at Juny 1. 2004. I kept the old name almost everywhere in the project (so at the script name //EMAIL:WESTEL//).

In general, if you need more help, see the well-commented configuration file.

Use only on your own risk! If you get a lot of SMSes, call your mobile services's center number.


My five aspects while I am developing my mailinsms: to be flexible, stable, small, fast and protect from “bad men”.

Mailinsms doesn't support base64 and uucode coding, because only a few mailer program use it for coding texts.
Mailinsms processes the e-mail line by line, and the previous line is not stored. So by this way, mailinsms won't be 100% compatible with MIME 1.0.


Warning: this version is not compatible with version older than 0.6.2. In this case, please install first the mailinsms 0.6.2!
The newest version can be downloaded here:
Released: 2004/06/23
Addons (Hungarian):

The mailinsms project won the first place on the Hungarian XX. National Computer Project Competition (Garay-competition) in the internet category in 2003, in Hungary.

Author: NÉMETH, Zsolt Balázs username: nzsb, domain: transistor dot hu

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